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At Legendary Window Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on providing the very best window cleaning service possible.

We use the latest reach and wash pure water technology, allowing us to give you the very best finish on your windows. We clean all windows, frames, sills and doors on every clean, keeping your windows and frames cobweb free and sparkling all year round.

How pure water works

We have invested in a top of the range reverse osmosis and de-ionisation System. This produces the pure water we use by removing all the minerals and impurities. We then clean all windows, frames, sills and doors. We then rinse all windows and leave to dry naturally for a streak free finish.

We believe this gives you the customer the best possible results every time.

Some of the benefits of using our water fed pole are:

  • Being able to clean windows at height without using ladders, respecting your privacy and property
  • Reaching those awkward to reach windows like those above conservatories or garages
  • The ability to effectively clean all your UPVC like sills and frames
  • No chemicals or soaps used

How often will we visit?

We offer every 6 or 12 week schedules. Please allow flexibility of around a week either side of your scheduled clean as we can be slightly behind due to bad weather.

Bad weather

We will always try to not clean your windows in the rain; however, we do still work in light rain or short showers. Our promise to you is that the results will still be the same. If rain is heavy and constant, we will not clean your windows. We will contact you with a rescheduled date.

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Professional window cleaners
Professional window cleaning

A seamless service from Legendary Window Cleaning Services

The Legendary Team will send a text the night before to let you know we are due to clean your windows and to remind you to leave the gate unlocked.

We know you don’t want to let just anybody onto your property can be a daunting and a worrying prospect.

The Legendary Team want to put your mind at rest and assure you that all our team of friendly, uniformed staff have undergone CBS background checks and have been extensively trained to provide the highest quality service.

Another worry our customers have is leaving gates open or unlocked for long periods of the day. We have many customers that provide a spare key for the garden gate padlock and we come and go without having to disturb you or worry about you being home.

We also offer a combination padlock which can be ​purchased​ for ​£12.99​ which only you and our team have the pass code to.

Once we have cleaned your windows we will lock any gates and leave the property as we found it.

Payment is a very simple process through GoCardless, it couldn’t be easier, Once you signed up to GoCardless We will apply for payment from your bank and it will be debited 5-7 working days later.

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