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Are you looking for a local roof cleaning company?

Luton roof cleaners

Are you looking for a professional roof cleaning company in Luton, Bedfordshire? Our Luton roof cleaners provide a highly professional roof cleaning services in Luton and throughout Bedfordshire to both residential and commercial customers.

The moderate climate in the UK is a perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and lichens to grow. The combination of warmth from below, rain and moisture in the air means that these organisms can breed and multiply, especially on West facing roofs.

These organisms can cause short and long term damage to your roof, eating away at tiles and mortar and eventually requiring you to replace it completely.

Roof cleaning and protection

Our team carry out roof cleaning and protection to houses in Herts, Beds and Bucks.

By removing moss and algae we can significantly increase the lifespan of your roof meaning less long term damage to your property and better heat retention.

Our team of professional roof cleaners will perform a full clean of your home using a technique called Softwashing. Unlike ​Pressure Washing​, softwashing is non abrasive meaning that there is no damage to the roof from high pressure water jets.

Our non invasive technique ensures minimal disturbance to you (if you are at home) and will also ensure that neighbouring properties are not disturbed either.

Roof sealing option

We use a powerful, professional strength Biocide treatment that will kill algae, moss and lichens at the source, preventing regrowth.

In addition we can also seal your roof, preventing regrowth for up to 10 years after the application.

All of our work is carried our by carefully trained professionals and is fully guaranteed.

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Luton Roof Cleaners
Roof Cleaners Luton
AlgoClear SoftClean

Softwashing Roofs

Softwashing is a non-abrasive treatment that will not damage tiles. The biocide will work to eradicate organisms and prevent regrowth.

We are licenced to use AlgoClear Pro, a professional strength solution not available to buy in stores. It is the strongest and most efficient long term cleaning solution for removing moss and algae.

We apply the solution using a process called Softwashing which will not damage or weaken tiles like pressure washing does.

The result is a cleaner surface, that resists re-growth. Just take a look for yourself.

Our Biocide Treatment Removes

Moss – Moss thrives in moist environments and is typically found on older roofs where moisture is able to penetrate the tile more easily. Holds moisture in weakening the surface.

Algae – Algae typically sits on top of the roof. It can penetrate the tile pore structure. Aesthetically is can be very unsightly especially in the warmer summer months.

Lichens – There are over 1,700 species of lichens in the UK. These cling onto the roof surface, increasing moisture retention degrading the strength of the roof surface. Severe cases can look very unsightly.

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